Integrative Medicine & Functional Wellness

At Pinnacle Integrative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we understand that our patients’ joint pain Is most effectively treated by a holistic and integrative approach. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical not only to joint health, but also quality of life and longevity. 

Studies show that even a 10% reduction in body mass can improve joint pain and prevent further joint destruction. Staying in a healthy weight range can take pressure off your joints, limit progression of your arthritis, slow cartilage damage, increase your ability to be active, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain symptoms. 

Using a multidimensional medical approach to weight loss paired with dietary changes and exercise, we have developed a program that actually works! 

At your initial appointment: 

• A thorough history and physical will be completed, because getting to know our pa.ents is both our passion and our pleasure! 

• A panel of labs will be ordered to establish a baseline and to screen for malnutrition, uncontrolled or poorly controlled diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid and other hormone deficiencies, and to develop a picture of your overall health. 

• We will obtain a baseline weight and body measurements, as well as a photo to document the beginning of your weight loss journey! 

At your first follow-up appointment (about a week after initial appointment): 

• Labs will be reviewed in detail.

• Your personalized treatment plan (based on your unique lab work and personal/medical history) will be reviewed with you and your comprehensive weight loss treatment will begin.

• Medications and recommendations for weight loss will vary based on your medical history, lab results, and personal goals. 

After your second appointment

• You will be seen monthly by our Certified Lifestyle Specialist to monitor your progress and overall health.

• After a good pattern of loss is established, visits can be moved to every three months until your goals are achieved! 

We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals! Book a consultation today to see how Pinnacle Integrative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine can help you reach the Peak of Wellness! Dr. Joshua Schacter, DO FAAOS