About Us

Fascinated by the process of science and medicine since he was a child, Dr. Schacter has a passion to make a positive impact on individual lives. He has developed an interest in anti-aging, functional hormone replacement, and lifestyle medicine.

Using the most modern research into orthopedics, nutrition, exercise science, and hormone therapies, Dr. Schacter and his Team at Pinnacle Integrative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center have developed a unique holistic approach to orthopedic care.

Pinnacle Integrative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center offers programs combining exercise therapy, hormone and nutritional optimization, medical management, injection therapies and positive mental reinforcement in order to further improve our already excellent orthopedic outcomes.

Dr. Schacter expertise lies in not only treating athletes, but also more mature patients in need of joint replacement and reconstructive surgeries of the knee, hip, and shoulder. Dr. Schacter offers in office options for minor procedures and partners with United Regional Healthcare System as well as Kell West Hospital for both inpatient and outpatient orthopedic procedures.

Dr. Schacter and the Pinnacle Team provide orthopedic surgical services including fracture care, and sports medicine reconstructive procedures, as well as inpatient and outpatient robotic joint replacement programs at all major institutions in the Texoma area.